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Have peace of mind knowing our products can be updated regularly through the WordPress update system.

EyeCandy designs

Pixel perfect and minimal design that looks amazing on all devices is what makes our themes so unique. 

Premium support

We provide lifetime universal theme and plugin support to all our customers & users. There is no additional cost.

Hypermarket eCommerce Theme

Hypermarket is a customizable, minimal, stylish & dedicated eCommerce WordPress theme offering bulletproof integration with WooCommerce core.

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Restarter Corporate Theme

Harmonious, clean and user-friendly WordPress theme which has a vast collection of UI components that works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets, and phones.

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A customizable GEO message bar

Display stylish & customizable message bars on your website to promote discount offers or limited service availability to a particular type of visitors based on their GEO locations.

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