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Weekday Schedule

This document explains how to schedule your weekday closing times.

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Configure your weekly closing times and weekends using the weekday schedule. Accept orders during your local business hours and allow users to shop when your store is open.

Create a Weekday

You can close your shop on weekends and non-business hours and prevent orders from being placed during closing times.

Create a schedule in woo store vacation
Create a weekday
  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore Vacation.
  2. Go to the Weekday section within the current tab.
  3. Click on the Add new button.
  4. Enter a friendly Name for your weekday schedule.
  5. Select a Day to define its closing time.
  6. Choose the start time using the From field. The store will close weekly on the day you selected and from this field’s specified time.
  7. Choose the end time using the To field. The store will reopen from this field’s specified time on the selected day.
  8. The “No notice to display” is the default option for the Notice field. Select a notice if you want to display a notification during the closing time in your store (click here to learn more about vacation notice).
  9. Woo Store Vacation uses your current timezone setting for scheduling. You can change your timezone from your WordPress setting.
  10. Click on the Save changes button.
The minimum interval time for scheduling to close a shop is 15 minutes.

Update Timezone

You can change your site time and date if you want to schedule your time based on a different timezone.

change WordPress timezone
Change site timezone
  1. Navigate to SettingsGeneral.
  2. Select your Timezone.
  3. Click on the Save changes button.

Weekday Table

After you add a new weekday, your weekday table will fill up. You can overview the list of your defined weekly closing times in a table on the weekday page.

The weekday table displays some information about your shop closing times based on weekday schedules defined.

woo store vacation weekday table
Overview weekday table
  • Name - Displays the name of your weekday schedule. If you haven’t entered a custom name when creating the schedule, the timestamp when you created the entry will be used as a placeholder for naming.
  • Day - Displays the day you configured your non-working hours.
  • From - Displays the start time of shop closing.
  • To - Displays the end time of shop closing. Your shop reopens to accept orders at this time.
  • Notice - This column lets you know whether you have assigned a notice to announce your closing time to your visitors.
    • The checkmark icon identifies that you have assigned a particular notice to display during the determined closing time.
    • The cross icon identifies that no notice is assigned to this schedule to be displayed during the determined closing time.
  • Date - Displays the last date that the weekday is modified.

Edit Weekday

After you create a weekday, you can edit its details to apply new changes.

edit woo store vacation weekday schedule
Edit a weekday schedule
  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore VacationWeekday.
  2. Hover over the weekly schedule and select Edit.
  3. Apply your new changes as you wish.
  4. Click on the Save changes button.

Remove Weekday

You can remove and delete a weekday at any moment.

remove weekday in woo store vacation
Remove weekday schedule
  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore VacationWeekday.
  2. Hover over the weekday and click Delete permanently.
  3. On the message, click the Ok button and confirm to remove your weekday schedule.

Additionally, you can bulk delete multiple weekdays at the same time.

  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore VacationWeekday.
  2. Select several weekdays using the checkboxes on the left.
  3. Then go to the Bulk actions list, select Delete permanently option.
  4. Click on the Apply button.
Deleting a weekday will remove it permanently, so it can’t be restored.

Sorting Weekdays

You can reorder weekdays via drag and drop.

sorting woo store vacation weekdays
Sorting weekdays
  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore VacationWeekday.
  2. Hover over the weekday and grab the row.
  3. Hold the weekday and drag it up and down and change the order.
  4. Drop the weekday at a new position.

Today’s Schedules

woo store vacation filter today schedules
Filter today weekday schedules

Weekly schedules that are planned for the current day will be listed under a new filter link, Today, allowing you to narrow down which weekdays are scheduled to close your store for today.

Find Active Weekdays

woo store vacation filter active weekdays
Filter the active weekday schedule

Weekday schedule that is currently affecting your shop will be listed under a new filter link, Active, allowing you to narrow down which weekday schedule is currently in-progress on your shop.

Customize Weekday Table

woo store vacation customize weekday table
Update the weekday table columns using Screen Options

Using the Screen Options pull-down at the top right of the screen, you can toggle the visibility of each column displayed on the Weekday table.

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