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This document explains how to activate and manage your license key.

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A single license purchased with Woo Store Vacation (PRO) entitles you to receive free updates and support for a year from the date of the first activation.

You will receive your license key (starts with plugin initials) via email once a purchase is completed. If you can’t find your license key, you can use our automated form here to recover your license key(s).

Activate License

Once you have installed the Woo Store Vacation (PRO) plugin to have access to automatic updates, you should activate your license.

activate Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
Activate Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
How can you activate your Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license?
  1. Log into your WordPress website dashboard.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore Vacation.
  3. Go to the License section within the current tab.
  4. Enter/Paste your license key into the text field.
  5. Click on the Save changes button.
  6. Once activated, You’ll see a verified notification upon successful validation.
You can use each license purchased with Woo Store Vacation (PRO) to register the plugin on 3x WordPress instances, and you are free to share your key with other people or co-workers.

Unregister License

You can deactivate and unregister a license from your website at any moment.

unregister Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
Unregister Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettingsStore Vacation.
  2. Go to the License section within the current tab.
  3. Click on the Unregister my license key from this domain link below the license key field.
  4. On the notice, click the Ok button and confirm to remove your license key.
If you’ve bought a new domain or decided to move your existing license key to another WordPress instance, you’ll need to unregister your license from your old website first.

Renew License

Your license is valid for a year from the date you activate it.

As an example, if you purchase and activate your license on 1st January, 2022, you’ll get regular updates to the plugin up to and including 1st January, 2023. To receive updates after that date, you’ll need to renew your existing license key.

renew Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
Renew Woo Store Vacation (PRO) license
  1. Visit the License Renew page.
  2. Enter your License Key.
  3. Fill in the Captcha input.
  4. Click on Submit button.
  5. You will be presented with an option to either Extend or Renew your license key.
  6. Depending on the status of your key (valid or expired), click on the Extend Now or Renew Now button to initiate the checkout process.
  7. Fill in your billing details and complete the checkout.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email when your payment succeeds.
Once renewed, your expiration date will be updated automatically, and your license key will remain the same.


You have reached the maximum amount of available WordPress sites

woo store vacation license reached the maximum amount
Error: The license key is used on the maximum amount

You can use each license key to activate the plugin on three websites.

Please purchase a new license if you want to use the plugin on more than three websites.

Your license has expired

woo store vacation license expired
Error: The license key is expired and needs to renew

Each License key is valid for 365 days from the date of the first activation. You need to renew your license to continue receiving updates on the plugin.

What happens if I don't renew my license?

If you don't want to renew your license key after it expires, you can continue to use the version of the plugin that you have for as long as you want, but you won't be able to receive any further updates. You will no longer be able to update your plugin or submit a support request.

If you decide to purchase a new key later, that's fine - you're welcome back at any time.

We do not recommend using the plugin without an active license, as this means your site will be on an outdated version of the plugin. This leaves your site at risk, as any breaking change in either the WordPress or WooCommerce could potentially cause the plugin to stop working.

Your license has been revoked

woo store vacation license revoked
Error: The license key is revoked

Once your refund is issued, your license will revoke, and you will no longer receive plugin updates.

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