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This document explains how to import and export Woo Additional Terms settings.

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Import and Export options allow you to migrate and move your plugin settings to a new site. Your site’s content will be downloaded into a JSON file (a type of file used to transport data) that you can then import to another WooCommerce store.

Before Exporting

Before exporting your content:

  • Make sure your store is publicly accessible and your website is not under maintenance or password protected.
  • Clean things up as much as possible, such as removing unwanted schedules and deleting unused notices, so that the export file is as small as possible.


You can export the existing customization and content into a JSON file based on your selection from options that have values and are not empty.

export woo additional terms settings
Export your plugin settings and content
How can you export the content and customization you have already made to the Woo Additional Terms plugin?
  1. Navigate to ToolsExport.
  2. Choose the Woo Additional Terms (PRO).
  3. Select which settings to export using the checkboxes.
  4. Click on the Download Export File button.
  5. Wait for the export to process. Once it’s ready, WordPress will create a JSON file for you to save to your computer.

Other than settings imported for the General tab, no further data will be overwritten as a result of a new import. If you already have existing terms on your store, all your data will remain intact.

The export file does not include the License information.

Before Importing

If the exported file you’re importing is too large, or your server has a restriction for importing JSON files, it could be possible that your server ran out of memory during the process. If this happens, you’ll see an error like:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

If you have sufficient permissions on the server, you can edit the php.ini file to increase the available memory. Otherwise, you can customize your export by splitting the settings into several smaller files, then importing each. Alternatively, you could ask your hosting provider to do this.


After exporting the plugin information in a JSON file, you can import and move the data to a new site.

woo additional terms import to a new site
Import an export file to a new site
  1. Navigate to ToolsImport.
  2. Go to the Woo Additional Terms (PRO) and select Run Importer.
  3. Click on the Choose File button and choose the file.
  4. Click on the Upload file and import button.
  5. Once the importing process is complete, a success message will appear.
If your import process fails, it may still create some content. When you resolve the error and try again, you may create duplicate data. Review the plugin’s Settings page after a failed import and remove records as necessary to avoid this.

Use Export as a Backup Tool

It is always recommended to back up your site content manually from time to time. You can use the Export option described above. This can be a good idea, primarily if you’ve assigned additional users to your site.

Shop managers have the ability to delete any terms checkboxes, and there is no way to recover material that they remove from your site.

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