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I'm a total newbie at Wordpress and almost gave up at trying to figure it out how to present my application but I have been able to navigate this theme easily.

Ai Huang - Life Map

The theme worked great. Received files and everything shortly after purchase and seller was very helpful with any questions I had. A good price and easy to edit!

Florismart Saindon - Coding specialist

So far so good. New at all this web stuff. Glad it came with a instruction to install - still trying to figure out what some things mean. But it appears I’m getting it done!

Leo Jeanneret - White Coffee Pot

Boundless homepage
& header styles

Layered parallax

Landing page-style & big impression.

Live Preview

Phone intro

Carousel within frame & neat intro.

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Browser compatibility






IE 11

Why is it so special?
core features

Help & Support

Support is our primary focus; we understand that you are not a developer & we aim to deliver answers & solutions to your questions as quickly & efficiently as possible.

Superior performance

All required assets are loaded asynchronously & on demand, meaning they are packed in parallel if & only your site needs. This leads to superior performance & is great for SEO.

Extensive documentation

Our well-written & comprehensive documentation will give you an overview of the theme's main features & how they can be customized to suit your requirements.

Responsive by design

Get mobile friendly; Restarter theme is fully responsive out of the box, no need to create anything separate for your user’s mobile experience.

Cool features you get with
Restarter Plus


Footer logo

Footer logo feature allows site owners to upload an image for their site which can be placed at the bottom of their website.


Layout alignment

Easily swap the content area & the sidebar layout from left to right or vice versa.


Sticky navigation

This control gives you the option to lock the entire navigation to the top of the page as the user scrolls.


Header search field

Toggle search form in site navigation that makes users search the site quickly.


Copyright credit

Optionally remove the Restarter credit & add your own custom copyright message, including HTML.


Submenu alter appearance

Switch between dark & light skins to multiply your customization options on navigation


Video popup

Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos on a call to action box using a popup lightbox overlay display.



Indicate a big box for calling extra attention to some particular content or information & put nearly any valid HTML.


Automatic updates

You can update the plugin automatically via the WordPress admin panel providing you have activated a valid license key.


Frame carousel

Create highly responsive carousels within frames with touch & swipe gesture support.

Header call to action

A CTA is an ideal way to convert more of your passive website visitors into active leads & customers.


Homepage control

Toggle the visibility & reorder the homepage components or any function hooked by Restarter theme or Restarter Plus plugin.



A clean & easy-to-use testimonials management system to load in what your customers are saying about your business.


Layered parallax

A layered parallax effect which uses JavaScript & CSS3 3D transform to create an interactive multi-layered parallax with depth reacting to the mouse move.



Clean & easy-to-use features showcase management system to load in your product, company or services offers & display them on your website.


Download buttons

The download buttons repeater allows you to create a set of sub-buttons which can be repeated while editing content.


Device gallery

Create a lightweight, responsive image gallery carousel within frames to showcase & highlight your application's screenshots.


Split gallery

Show off your application screenshots, & experience to prospective clients with providing split gallery & content block.


Pricing table

An efficient way of displaying the difference between a small number of products & give visitors a way to buy their chosen one promptly.


Display partners, clients or sponsor’s logos on your site quickly & easily, each brand can be named, linked & assigned with an image.

Social network menu

Navigation social media links to services like Twitter & Facebook, allowing visitors to access your social profiles quickly.


Fluid post & page template

Create a fluid template which spans from right to left takes 100% of the screen's width.



The blurb component is a simple & elegant combination of text and font icon which is a great way to showcase small bits of information.



A simple yet useful feature to generate locational compatible breadcrumb trails for posts & pages.


Translation ready

Both plugin and theme are translation-ready and localized using the GNU framework. 

Team members

Easy-to-use team profile management system for the theme. Load in your team members & display their profiles on the front end.


Image post format

A single image. The first <img/> tag in the post content or uploaded featured image will be considered as an image post format.

Video post format

A single video or video playlist. The first <video/> tag or embed in the post content will be considered as a video post format. 

Quote post format

A quotation. The theme would add blockquote tag to the quote content automatically if the user didn't add it.


Gallery post format

A gallery of images. The theme will display generated gallery shortcode images as a touch-enabled carousel slider on the front end.

Not sure yet?! Try the Free version

The free version of the Restarter theme gives you the perfect opportunity to try out the theme and design to see if it is the right choice for you before upgrading to the paid version.

Get from

and answers

Feel free to contact us if you still have any pre-sale questions.

Is this a plugin or theme?

Restarter Plus is a WordPress plugin that extends the Restarter theme.

How do I install and use the plugin?

Simply follow the steps under Installation and First Steps provided in the theme documentation.

Are your plugins a one time fee, or a monthly subscription?

Currently, our products are a one time purchase.

How do I download the files after purchase?

Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with download link. This usually happens within minutes.

How do I get support for my purchase?

We provide lifetime unlimited theme & plugin support to all our customers and users. There is no additional cost.

Will my website break if I don't renew my license?

Your website will remain intact even if you choose not to purchase a license for another year. You just won't get updates any longer.

Will I receive future theme or plugin updates?

You can update our paid plugins automatically via the admin panel providing you have activated a valid license key.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payments are handled through our authorized retailer, and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.​

100% validated by

All versions, files, & folders of Restarter theme analyzed by which is a site that provides a validation service for WordPress themes with running tests to verify security and code quality.

Multilingual ready & WPML compatible

Restarter theme provides multilanguage support out of the box, & it is entirely compatible with most popular WordPress plugin (WPML) that supports the creation of multilingual layouts & pages.

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