Are Sales Tax refunds possible for my purchase?

Explore the process of obtaining a Sales Tax refund and find more detailed information on how it works.

Billing FAQs

Understanding your subscription billing cycle

Under certain circumstances, you may qualify for a refund of the Sales Tax amount, contingent upon your country’s tax regulations. Sales Taxes encompass various levies such as VAT, GST, Consumption Tax, and similar charges. Please note that, our online reseller, oversees the management of our order process.

Key Eligibility and Guidelines:

  • You can request a Sales Tax refund within 60 days of completing your purchase.
  • A Sales Tax refund is only feasible after the order has been fully paid.

Making Tax-Related Billing Adjustments:

If you possess a valid VAT or Sales Tax number, you have the option to edit your address and VAT information on the receipt. This adjustment results in a corresponding revision of the tax amount.

  • To initiate this process, visit your account page on our website and navigate to the Orders page.
  • Identify the specific order you wish to modify and click the View button.
  • Within the Subscription details table, you will find the Receipt URL row. Click View Receipt.
  • On the invoice page, select Add address & VAT Number. This action will open a modal containing the Edit receipt information form.
  • Make sure to check the This is a business purchase checkbox.
  • Complete the form fields with the requisite information and finalize by clicking the Save button.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate:

If you hold a Sales Tax exemption certificate, please note that Paddle can process a tax refund solely after the order has been fully paid. To initiate this refund, you must transmit your tax exemption documentation to Paddle’s support team via The Paddle support team will diligently review the documentation and, if deemed valid, proceed with the tax refund accordingly.

Processing Timeline:

Typically, a VAT refund requires 3-5 business days to reflect in your account, contingent upon your banking institution.

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