Can I chargeback through my bank or credit card?

Discover our chargeback policy and consequences for invalid requests.

Billing FAQs

Understanding your subscription billing cycle

Before initiating a chargeback or disputing a transaction with your bank, you must contact us for assistance in resolving the issue.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and resolving any payment-related issues promptly. By reaching out to us before requesting a chargeback, you give us the opportunity to investigate, address, and potentially resolve the issue, ensuring a smoother and more efficient resolution process.

If you initiate a chargeback for a legitimate charge without valid grounds or reasons, whether fraudulently or otherwise, and it is determined by Paddle to be an invalid chargeback request, we reserve the right to take action. This may include prohibiting you from using our services. We will provide compelling evidence to refute any invalid chargeback request.

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